Developmental Coordination Disorders

Developmental Coordination Disorder, (DCD), also known as Dyspraxia, is a common disorder affecting fine and or gross motor skills.

It results in a child being unable to perform some everyday tasks. Delays in reaching normal developmental milestones can be an early sign of DCD in young children. They may take longer to roll over, sit, crawl or walk. They also may have difficulty playing with toys e.g. stacking bricks or learning to eat with cutlery.

Older children may have problems with:

walking up and down stairs
writing, drawing, using scissors
getting dressed – doing up buttons or tying shoe laces
keeping still – may swing their arms or legs a lot
appear clumsy – fall down a lot, bump into objects or drop things

We assess for DCD by using ‘The Movement ABC’ assessment tool and the ‘Beery BMI Assessment for Visual Motor Integration’. A wide range of treatment options are available for the home and school environment. We can identify the skills required for particular tasks and are able to assess the level of these skills in the child.

We can help with their motor, cognitive, sensory processing, play skills and communication. Our aim is to help the young person attain goals and develop their skills to support lifelong learning.

They may also:

have a poor attention span
behaviour problems – these may stem from the child’s frustration with their symptoms
difficulty making new friends
low self esteem

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