Emotional Literacy/Self-Regulation

We can provide Occupational Therapy assessment in order to help with the ability to sense internal signals from inside the body and understanding what these signals mean.

Some people struggle how to express how their body feels when they feel certain emotions. This requires work on linking somatic markers with these emotions. Somatic states (markers) are the biological ingredients of emotional signals which we know as “gut feelings” or “intuition”. These states attach value to given options or scenarios and mark them as having positive or negative consequences in the future.

The emotional signals or somatic markers function as covert or overt biases for guiding decisions. If a person has not formed somatic markers with emotions, decision making and behaviour will be decided on the immediate reward of his design e.g. Dopamine release, attention excitement manipulation control. We have developed a great program that helps people with emotional literacy. The program helps people to learn about different emotions that they may have trouble identifying and educates how others may feel them/ react to these emotions.

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