Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)

Tick the box beside the reply that is closest to how you have been feeling in the past week.
Don’t take too long over you replies: your immediate is best.

How did you score?

0 – 7

If you scored between 0 – 7 you ranked ‘normal’ – you don’t have anything to worry about but if you still feel like you have questions then feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.

8 – 10

If you scored between 8 – 10 you ranked ‘borderline abnormal’ – we usually suggest anyone within this rating gets in touch for a chat, again nothing to worry about but it would be great to chat with you!

11 – 12

If you scored between 11 – 21 you ranked ‘abnormal’ – don’t worry about anything, this is quite a high score though so please give us a call, message us on Facebook or drop us an email.

E: hello@sunderlandautismtherapy.co.uk
T: (+44)0773 908 8780

Give us an email anytime, or use the contact form and we’ll endeavour to get back to all enquiries and questions with 24-48 hours.