Working with Individuals

As well as specialising in sensory processing disorder and behavioural difficulties, we hold qualifications in talking therapies and stress management.

We can treat a wide range of other difficulties and disorders. The type of intervention required usually depends on the problem the individual faces. We work directly with the person in question on a one to one basis, or may teach family members or teachers strategies they can use as intervention.

This then allows them to be part of the therapy process and provides long term consistency. Due to the nature of our client base, and the negative impact change may have on their lives, we will select the least intrusive method of therapy available. We would usually carry out an initial assesment then discuss our therapy options. We take pride in being able to offer many different therapeutic options. We can provide you with an online therapy package from as little as £15.00 per month.

Our service is unique in that it enables everyone to have access to specialist private therapy! There’s something for everyone and will always provide you with a solution!

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