Working with Parents

We have helped families across the UK and we take pride in providing bespoke treatments depending on what is required.

Our therapy utilises an holistic approach which takes into consideration and provides solution for physiological, cognitive, spiritual, neurobehavioral, psychological, social support, social economic and environmental factors.   

Some parents have told us how much of a relief it is to be able to know the underlying cause of their child’s difficulties. Lots of the parents have been told that their child is just a naughty boy or girl! With these young people there is always an underlaying cause whether it be neurological or psychological!

Most of young people we treat are not on the autistic spectrum, but other health professionals may have identified their sensory processing difficulties as Autism. Many of the young people we treat may also have ADHD diagnosis in which the young person is medicated. If the medication is not effective, the hyper activity and inattention is usually due to difficulties in sensory processing. We can treat this without medication!

Due to our extensive work on creating training programmes and video tutorials with our sister company BodyMind, we are able to simplify complex neurological concepts into easy to learn pieces of information.

If your child has a diagnosis of Autism or ADHD please get in touch and we will be able to provide you with a much deeper understanding of their neurology and the impact this has on their day to day activities.

When working with young people and families we would speak with parents, family members and also visit school and carry out training and intervention in the school environment.

The behaviours and difficulties we observe are the leaves of the tree, if we try to remove a behaviour/ difficulty another will grow in its place. We treat the root causes!

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