Working with Schools

We work with many schools across the UK and specialise in helping young people to succeed in education.

We cover a wide range of therapy approaches for schools, from behaviour management programmes to hand writing and motor co-ordination interventions.

When working with schools, we believe it’s also necessary to involve parents in the therapy process. For this reason, we also spend time with parents and families before carrying out any assessments or interventions. This approach ensures consistency and increases our success rate.

Multidisciplinary Consultation Days for Schools

Our consultation days have been successful in providing schools with support and interventions for complex young people, poor school attendance, or young people who are struggling with mental health or neurodevelopmental difficulties. They are a great way of getting help when young people are waiting too long for CAMHS referrals, or if the young people are too complex for CAMHS.

How it works: –

Our multidisciplinary team of specialist health professionals (Sensory Integration Behavioural OT, and Psychologist) meet up with teachers, SENCOs and other members of your senior leadership team.

We then speak to parents and/or carers about any difficulties or concerns they are experiencing in the home environment.

Schools usually select around five young people they are wanting to discuss throughout the day.

We look over any previous reports or EHC plans and gather information on the young people you are needing help with.

Then we bring in parents and/ or carers and speak with them about any difficulties they are experiencing in the home environment.

Once we have all the information required, we can then carry out formulation and inform you why a young person is experiencing these difficulties and provide you with training in the relevant area.

We provide you with strategies and interventions to improve the persons education and family life.

If you require diagnosis, we can then arrange another visit to carry out an assessment.

You also get a free subscription to our BodyMind Therapy/Behavioural Software for Schools worth £1800.

We have some amazing offers on the consultation days and they are great value for money. Please call for more information.

Therapy Teams for Schools

We can provide schools with specialist multidisciplinary therapy teams which will work within your school on a part time or fulltime basis. Therapy teams usually consist of an OT, a Counsellor and a Speech and Language Therapist.

We would advise that before you consider a therapy team, you look into our BodyMind Therapy Software for Schools. This provides schools with multi-disciplinary therapy team interventions at a fraction of the cost.

BodyMind Therapeutic and Behavioural Software for schools.

Revolutionary new Therapy/ Behavioural Software for Schools. As you are aware, it’s hard for schools to get the specialist input they require from existing CAMH services. Waiting lists are long and assessments are short, providing your staff with only a hand full of strategies. Dr Cliff and I have been providing schools with therapy consultation days and we have had some amazing feedback and results. We realise it can be costly to employ your own therapy team or to pay private health professionals for single assessments and consultation days. We are now offering a new method of providing schools with therapy.

BodyMind: –

Our solution to this problem was to develop a new cost-effective web-based software. This provides therapeutic strategies in short 1-2-minute videos that have evidence-based techniques. The software allows you and your staff to have access to multi-disciplinary strategies 24/7.

There is an assessment/ tracker tool that you click on the symptoms relating to the person you are wanting to help. The software then provides you video strategies that relate only to the symptoms the person is experiencing. You can create profiles to help as many people as you choose, and then monitor their progress by using our progress report feature. The progress reports can be printed if you would like to keep these in the individual’s file, similar to Boxall profile.

As we are providing you with all of our knowledge to help the people you work with, we are also training you and your staff in certain aspects of our professions. For this reason, we have teamed up with the British Psychological Society who have approved our videos to be used towards training and continual professional development. Once you have completed watching a video or a group of videos, you can then print off a certificate showing you have gained knowledge in that area or areas.

The software also provides you with specific online courses which are also approved by the British Psychological Society. If you require CPD in a certain area e.g. ADHD, ASD, sexually harmful behaviours etc we can create a course to meet your requirements.

Additionally, in the program section of the website, you are able to download and print 6-week therapy programs to use with the people you are working with on a one to one basis or in a group. We are continually working on new programmes.

New information and new strategies are uploaded on a weekly basis to ensure we are providing you with the most up to date evidence based therapeutic intervention and strategies.

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